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Great Desserts from Some Countries

Great Desserts from Some Countries

Great Desserts from Some Countries – People from all around the worlds love desserts. These are nice foods that can be good choices in various situations. Desserts can be part of the fine dining but you can also make it as delicious snacks. Desserts have nice taste and the foods mostly provide you with great delicacies. In this case, you can find many kinds of desserts. Each country has different type of desserts and you may have known some of them. These are some lists of popular desserts that you can find easily nowadays. In case you have not tried any of these great desserts, you really should try ones.

First Dessert is tiramisu and it comes from Italy. Italy, renowned for its delectable cuisine, gives us the heavenly dessert known as tiramisu. Combining layers of ladyfingers soaked in coffee, rich mascarpone cream, and a dusting of cocoa powder, this velvety delight is a great combination and mixture of textures and flavors. Tiramisu is actually from Italian word and it has meaning of pick me up. The name of the dessert is like inviting you to try and surely you will not regret the taste. Combination of coffee, chocolate, and other ingredients blend together to give you satisfaction and you will feel that’s single bite of the tiramisu will not be enough to make you satisfied.

Next dessert comes from France. It is crème brulee. In term of culinary and foods, France really has great contributions. Many great cuisines are found and even developed in France. These also include the desserts. Crème brulee is one of them and it is one of the most famous ones. The dessert consists of some layers of ingredients. It has creamy vanilla custard base and it is combined with nice caramelized sugar crust. These two main parts give such nice texture combination. You can get tasty and creamy texture and you will also get the crackling texture of the sugar crust. Cracking the crust and having the creamy custard will be nice experience and these will be perfect once you get the flavor running into your mouth.

Many people surely know apple pie. This is great dessert and comfy meals that give great taste especially when it is still warm. Apple pie is said to be from United States. Outer layer of the apple pie will give you buttery and flaky crust. Then, there is apple as the filling and it is seasoned with cinnamon and spices. The apple is cooked to give tender and creamy texture. Having the apple pie in the morning or even during your lunch will be great. It will be much better when you have the apple with some scoops of ice cream. You get the creamy taste and you can get combination of temperature.

After talking about the dessert from United States, now it is time to see what India has in the inventory. It is gulab jamun. When you have never heard and tried the dessert, you may not be the only person. However, it is good decision when you try it at least once in your life because it is so great. Gulab jamun stands out as a beloved dessert. These spongy and soft milk-based dumplings are soaked in fragrant sugar syrup infused with cardamom and rosewater. From the ingredients, you can see that you will not only get great taste, but the delicious dessert also give you nice fragrance so you will have more reasons to try the meal.

Great Desserts from Some Countries

Next, you should also try churros. Some people say that it is from Spain, but there are also people saying that it is from Mexico. In fact, it is not wrong to say it from Mexico because some cultures in Mexico is influenced by Spain so the cuisines are also one of the aspects. Regardless the details about it, currently churros are so popular in many countries. Churros come from dough pastries that will be deep-fried to get the crispy texture. However, it still has the fluffy texture in the inside. Then, it is commonly served with cinnamon sugar or icy sugar to make it more appealing.

Desserts will never be complete without mentioning ice cream. This is comfort food in many occasions. Kids and adults love ice cream in various flavors. However, you should try the matcha ice cream. This is the nice dessert from Japan. Matcha is the name to call green tea. However, now people love to call it matcha because it is shorter and it is easy to spell. Drinking the green tea has become part of the culture in Japan and now green tea can be served in many ways, including to be made into ice cream. Matcha has earthy flavor and when it is made into ice cream, surely there will be sugars added to the ingredients. It has nice flavors with layers of earthy, fresh, and fragrant, and sweet flavor. Of course, it has iconic green color because it is green tea.